The Breakthrough Success Plan presents...


What Hue are YOU?

Ready to up your game when it comes to your career and your life?

The Colors for EPIC Communication Workshop will help you unlock the secret to successful communication in the workplace… so you can get noticed, get paid, and get the promotion you so richly deserve.


Join Jesse Ferrell, Lisa Ferrell, and Lisa Ulshafer, master coaches and certified Color Code trainers, where you'll discover exactly how to determine your own Personality Type and be given the insight you need so you can use that knowledge:

  • To increase successful communication at work AND at home.
  • To get your superiors & subordinates to do what you want and need. 
  • To implement new strategies to reduce your stress virtually INSTANTLY.
  • To get noticed, get paid, and get the success you’ve been striving for.
  • And as much more as we can squeeze into this 1-day live event.

This 1-day live event can be a real game changer for your career... AND your life.

Sat, January 18, 2020

Only. $197  $167 

(includes early bird savings of $30)
Lunch is included - Color Code Assessment is included - Seating is limited. 

Ready to up your game when it comes to your career and your life?

In all our time working with business professionals like you, we’ve noticed some patterns that get in the way of success.

The biggest pattern is that they’re using communication methods that go against every single personality trait they have.

That alone is the fastest ticket to stress, ineffectiveness, and being just plain stuck.

We want to help you get un-stuck.

We know it’s easy to get busy and push this type of thing to the side. But unless you make a change, you’re going to stay stressed out and stuck where you are.

When you attend The Colors of EPIC Communication, you'll start seeing and feeling a difference immediately.

  • Fewer frustrating and stressful interactions with your coworkers…
  • More recognition and respect for the skills you have…
  • A better quality of life and a more rewarding career…

But all that doesn’t happen unless you take action now.

Professionals like you are taking charge of their lives, breaking stereotypes, and showing the world that they will not settle for less.

Imagine for a moment that you had everything you ever wanted.

  • The job you want.
  • The family life you’ve yearned for.
  • The respect and recognition from your co-workers.
  • A career that’s on the upward track.
  • Less stress and fewer daily frustrations.

Seem like a pipe dream?

It’s not.

It IS completely possible to have the life and career you deserve. It’s possible to communicate with your superiors & subordinates in a way that feels great to you.

It’s possible for you to get the people around you to do what you want and need… and be recognized for your excellent leadership.

Why wait any longer to increase the quality of those important business and personal relationships in your life. The world is at your feet. And all you have to do is take it.

Here's what to do next:


Make a decision today, why wait? Once you're registered, you'll receive a link to take your very own Color Code Personality Assessment. Once you arrive at the event, you'll receive your own personalized workbook with your complete results printed inside. During the event, we're going to deep dive into your results so you can leave with a thorough understanding of what your Color Code results mean for you.

Here are the live event details for The Colors of Epic Communication:
DATE: Sat, January 18, 2020
REGISTRATION: 8:00am - 8:30am
EVENT TIME: 8:30am - 4:00pm (lunch included)

LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV - Venue to TBD

Your investment for this program is

Only. $197  $167

(includes early bird savings of $30)
Lunch is included - Color Code Assessment is included - Seating is limited. 

Due to limited seating and because this event is so popular, we’d hate to see you miss it. So please don’t hesitate to claim your spot today. Just click on the button below and get registered today! 


We’re excited for you to join us and we look forward to seeing you there!