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View this brief video for a snap shot of the best overall services JessTalk Speaking & Coaching firms offers. You will catch a glimpse of the various workshops, keynotes and training as well as the various types of personal and professional coaching programs offered. We trust you will enjoy this brief look.

Jesstalk Speaking and Coaching - Change Management

Change Management

Learn Change Management Discover Great Synergy Identify Strengths & Limitation

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Jesstalk Speaking and Coaching - Speaking


Inspired Leadership Growth. Improve Customer Care Standards. Building Winning Teams

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Jesstalk Speaking and Coaching - Training


Personality Science Transforms. Best Systems & Tools. Winning With Synergy

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Jesstalk Speaking and Coaching - Coaching


Gain Full Alignment. Discovering Life Balance. Personal & Professional Development

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“Jesse was the best keynote speaker I have heard in my 49 year history at Pro Chem. I appreciated the time he took prior to the engagement to get to know key members on our team.”

“It was the difference maker in delivering his keynote. Many of my employees said they felt like Jesse was talking directly to them. His talk moved us. Jesse is a man after my own heart!”

Warren Alifeld

Founder, Pro Chem

Companies We Serve

Companies We Serve

How You Leave Them Feeling

How You Leave Them Feeling is an inspirational book written for anyone who wants to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Whether you are the CEO of a multinational company or a student attending college, the simple steps offered by Jesse Ferrell can be incorporated into your everyday life to achieve immediate, effective and rewarding results. How You Leave Them Feeling is a how-to guide for achieving the life you’ve always dreamed of having. Following the principle that we have complete control over our own destinies, Jesse shows you how to take charge of your own quality of life.

Treasure Chest

The Power of Asking

Why ask for what you want and need when you can simply get it yourself? What is the point in humiliating yourself or lowering your character down to the level of having to ask for assistance, support, direction, financial help, or any other personal or professional...

Color Code Your Team

"Learn to speak the language of others"The motto of the Color Code says, "when you get self...you get others"...What this means is when you learn what your driving core motive is, you understand why you do what you do.In return through the four basic colors of red,...

What’s the REAL Reason You Need an Inspirational Speaker In 2017?

Many people hire a speaker for a beginning-of-the-year benefit or banquet. It’s common to choose an inspirational speaker who can get the crowd whipped up into a feel-good place so they pull out their wallets or dig into the cause. But that isn’t the most important...

Brothers & Conversations

Relevant conversations on what matters most in life with Shaundell Newson and Jesse Ferrell!


Sharing, Systems, Tools & Processes (STP’s)

Speaking & Coaching Forms

Meeting Planners Kit and so much more

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