Freeing People From Concern Is Our Most Powerful Currency!

JessTalk is dedicated to elevating clients’ lives by creating work-life balance, mastering communication, and avoiding burnout through extreme self-care, while guiding them to their highest vision.

JessTalk also elevates companies to achieve massive growth through customized keynotes, workshops, and professional coaching. By working with all levels of personnel with a focus on  personal growth, effective communication, and leadership development, companies can help but experience accelerated growth.

Founded in 2001, JessTalk was created by Jesse Ferrell providing speaking and coaching services. After coming together as husband and wife in 2007, Lisa Ferrell joined forces with Jesse to propel the company to new heights with her diverse talents and experience. Lisa is a master coach and serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Both had successful careers and businesses in their own right before coming together to ignite their strengths and talents even more. They both graduated from Coach U and were each mentored by Brian Tracy, who inspired them to do what they’re doing today.  Combined, Jesse and Lisa have over 183,000 hours of professional speaking and success coaching under their belt.

Here are just some of the projects that Jesse and Lisa have created together:

  • Let’s JessTalk Radio Show
  • Conversations Podcast
  • Unleash Your Power & Ask - a weekly Facebook Live show

Jesse and Lisa were inspired to enter the online education arena and have created The Breakthrough Success Plan, a Signature Branding, Leadership Development, and Opportunity Creation system for business professionals and companies (click here for more information). They are also co-writing their first book together, How You Leave Them Feeling – Discover How To Build Relationship Equity.

What makes their programs dynamic and unique is their male and female perspectives together with their vast professional experience. They have very different styles of coaching. Jesse is a natural born teacher and very methodical. Lisa is more direct and bottom line, with a what you see is what you get approach. Their passion of sharing their best gifts and talents expressed over the years continues to grow as they expand their offerings to professionals like you, who want to share their best gifts and talents so they can move to greater heights in their companies and careers. Jesse and Lisa’s wish is to see you do just that, and they are here to assist you every step of the way!

Commit to your highest vision today by letting Jesse and Lisa show you how!


Our Founders


Jesse Ferrell

CEO / President

Jesse Ferrell is an international keynote speaker, breakthrough hospitality coach, and brings more than 36 years of expertise in speaking, coaching, strategic planning, and business development. Jesse served 16 years in executive-level positions in casino marketing with Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International and a special assignment at Bellagio Resort and Casino.

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Lisa Ferrell

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Lisa Ferrell is a Master Coach and brings 35 years of broadcast sales and marketing experience to JessTalk as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. She also founded LisaListen, a division of JessTalk. Her coaching focus is to inspire and empower women to ignite their passion as they improve the quality of their lives and realizing their greatest potential.

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