Do you want to become a top-performing leader?

Time is precious. It’s challenging to get there alone. The best leaders are qualified coaches who can help move the needle toward their highest aim, session after session. One of our key success secrets is that we choose to help leaders like you take hard steps to build soft skills.  

Your leadership growth requires more than one-off trainings, or a life coach acting as a feel-good sounding board. It requires experience from a professional who has spent time in the ranks doing many of the very jobs of professionals that we are now coaching. It requires an integrated approach and ongoing iteration. We help leaders and teams like yours achieve lasting growth through our experiential coaching style along with our best systems, tools and processes. Are top clients refer to them as JessTalk STP’s and they have served countless leaders and executives to level-up their professionalism and leadership style.

We connect with our hospitality clients to align leadership teams and co-create strategies to drive growth and development. Our main goal is to help you enhance performance through the power of highly customized executive coaching-centered leadership programs for hospitality professionals like you. In an effort to create the best team synergy we facilitate custom experiential leadership and communication engagement workshops. 

Our clients tell us that our leadership development keynotes and workshops bring them extreme value and offer opportunity for their leaders to connect to a solid roadmap while pushing the envelop on their professional growth and development plan.  The clients that we have served from our executive leadership coaching platform have met with continuous and never ending improvement supported by multiple promotions. 


“Jesse has a great program that he tailors based on the individual’s personal traits so you do not experience a cookie cutter program that may not work for you.  He is the best professional coach you can find for our industry and I believe he would make a positive impact on any company.”

Maria Cohen, Vice President
National Casino Marketing

Pinnacle Entertainment


--- Workshop, Keynote & Coaching Highlights ---


We find great value in helping those new and experienced leaders like you, discover the best ways for you to breakthrough to success. After spending 36 years in the hospitality industry, plus another 18 years serving leaders, executives and presidents of multibillion operations we’ve found that there is a real need for those in the hospitality industry to discover the best way to create breakthrough success.


Are you a hospitality leader or organization looking for a highly customized facilitation, coaching, training, implementation and accountability program in order to infuse your desired growth pattern?

We help you create an incentive towards your DESIRED growth and development.  We aim to deliver measurable outcomes through our DESIRE process. The breakdown goes as follows:

Discovery – Engage – Strategy – Implement – Results – Evaluate

Some additional key areas of focus that we consistently help hospitality executives and companies with are:

  1.     Improving your “power of communication”
  2.     Managing conflict
  3.     Authentic teamwork 
  4.     Leadership development

JessTalk Executive Coaching Client

“Jesse is very patient with me.  Not patient to the point of letting me get away with not putting in the effort, but patient enough to allow me to grow into new behaviors at my pace.”

Catherine Siefert
Vice President of Hotel Operations 
Park MGM


Hospitality Coaching Expectations
You may be asking yourself, how do I get started? We begin with a discovery process where we will send you our “custom coaching expectations” to determine if we are a good match to work together. The discovery phase is used as the gateway for creating synergy as we partner with you. It forms the initial launch point for the DESIRE process and helps give us a solid baseline for your current situation, performance, plus an understanding of your highest wants and needs.

Hospitality Individual Coaching
Our executive coaching program is designed for you to breakthrough to success and transform. This program also allows for the right amount of attention in the needed areas of development in order to accelerate your breakthrough process. This program includes tailored one-on-one sessions between you and your coach and focuses on leaders’ real-life circumstances and opportunities.

Hospitality Group Coaching
A great alternative for you is that we must create a synergy based on efficient timing and needs and who still seek powerful growth and development breakthrough results. Group coaching sessions take place via online web conferencing platforms. We limit our group participants to 12 in order to keep the group intimate and still have a voice. We have developed our Breakthrough Success Plan, a virtual classroom series, which is designed to deliver the same quality of growth and development opportunities that are available in our individual coaching.  

Hospitality Executive Coaching
If you are a seasoned leader you may be best suited for our Private one-on-one coaching if you are looking to improve how you relate to your team members, superiors and customers. Building self-awareness is the first step toward growth. Our Color Code Personality Assessment helps you gain clarity on existing strengths, limitations and development opportunities that are life changing and easy to implement. 

We know that your highest leadership performance is an important component of your success. During your coaching sessions, an experienced hospitality coach will help build a custom development plan based on your assessment results. You will set your own growth goals with the help of your hospitality coach. Together, you will define specific actions to track your progress and hit your leadership development targets.

JessTalk Executive Coaching Client

Larry Lewin, President & CEO
Lewin International

Your workplace dynamics are changing at a rapid pace and having the best systems, tools and processes to respond to the hospitality industry is ever-evolving and requires willingness to change, adaptability, as well as constant and never ending improvement. In terms of bringing it all together, we seek to integrate breakthroughs and capture insights for a new evolved leadership style. 

Hospitality Keynotes & Workshops
Our keynotes and workshops are aimed at helping hotel and casino resorts and teams transform how they communicate, and ultimately drive leadership development, greater efficiency and higher profitability. Our workshops are not capped with the number of people we have the ability to engage and connect with. We have served audiences as small as 10 members up to 2,000 participants.  

Our custom pre-event questionnaire is the key to insuring that we design a storyboard to connect with all of your participants in our keynotes and workshops.

All engagements start with a mutually agreed engagement plan, which we call a custom pre-event questionnaire offering a detailed look at the problem areas as well as where your team or company is excelling.

JessTalk Executive Coaching Client

Bill Wright
Sr. Vice President of Operations

Boyd Gaming

Our pre-event questionnaire is an assessment of your current teams’ leadership style, communication skills, leadership effectiveness, overcoming blocks, developing vision and managing change.

If you are a leader that is either in a new-in-role or seeking to gain responsibility from Supervisors, Directors, Executive Directors, C-Suite, Presidents, Partners, Founders, etc., then our private one-on-one coaching sessions which are held in-person and by phone or Zoom are perfect for you. As mentioned above, our group coaching sessions take place via online web conferencing platforms through the connection of The Breakthrough Success Plan virtual classroom series.