HOW YOU LEAVE THEM FEELINGYour Foundation for Inspiring Love and Relationships

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Every decision you make related to the important relationships in your life is an opportunity to build deeper trust, understanding, and respect. When the people you connect with feel that you care about them and appreciate them, the bonds you create have the potential to become unbreakable. In this illuminating book, professional life coaches Jesse and Lisa Ferrell reveal the key ingredients to build - or restore - healthy and fulfilling relationships.

They describe the life-changing self-care practices that spark joy and cultivate resiliency, and explore the concepts of turning crisis into abundance, living your life by design, and the Umuntu factor, the power of community.

The authors unveil five guiding principles for work and relationships, a wealth of self-assessment tools, and action steps that serve as a roadmap for success in your career and personal life. We are all blessed with some type of talent, and tapping into your purpose and your gifts opens the door to an awesome life and accomplishing greatness! You have the power to manage your emotions, enjoy a more vibrant energy, and connect more deeply with the people in your life.

Building upon Jesse Ferrell’s first book, How You Leave Them Feeling: Your Ultimate Key to Personal & Professional Success, the authors share the insights gleaned from more than twenty years of inspirational speaking engagements and personal and professional coaching sessions. Start today to gain value in your life…by leaving everyone you meet and everything you touch better than you found them.

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“Marvelously empowering book. The many lessons that can be learned from reading and living this book are immeasurable. Having been an educator for twenty two years I find this powerful book a must have for school libraries and classrooms. It is also a must have for office libraries as well.”
- Debra H. Mayfield

“This book is a must read and have in any office, this is my 4th copy.”
- Jaroslava Johnson

“It isn't often that a person can read a book, gain personal insights into their own life and then see positive changes in a short time, but that is exactly what happened to me after reading this book. Mr. Ferrell doesn't just present ideas, thoughts and concepts, he shows you how to take those and make them a part of your life.”
- John K. Gramley

“Jesse opened my mind to my internal thought processes that to my amazement I already had a good grasp on without even knowing it! My eyes are open and my goals are attainable professional and personal. My action list has begun!”
- Jessica Weaver