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May 9, 2020
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Empowering and Inspiring Companies and Individuals to Live Their Highest Vision.

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If you are running an organization with employees, JessTalk has many options to take your business to the next level. We offer speaking, training, and coaching services that are customized to fit your highest wants and needs. Our signature ‘wants’ analysis is quick, easy and simple to complete. Once we determine if we are a good match to suit your wants and needs, the EDUTAINMENT (education & entertainment) begins.


Warren Alifeld - Founder, Pro Chem

“Jesse was the best keynote speaker I have heard in my 49 year history at Pro Chem. I appreciated the time he took prior to the engagement to get to know key members on our team.” “It was the difference maker in delivering his keynote. Many of my employees said they felt like Jesse was talking directly to them. His talk moved us. Jesse is a man after my own heart!”


JESSTALK Solutions for YOU

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, intraprenuer, or are someone who is just looking for greater success in life, we provide support for people just like you. Our Success Coaching Programs provide a safe place for you to determine what you want and what matters most in an honest and freeing way. A place where you can tell the truth, or perhaps discover the truth for the very first time! We seek to help you get out of the trap of living on automatic and create breakthroughs and transformation.


Maria Cohen - Vice President National Casino Marketing

Pinnacle Entertainment

“Although every professional coach will tell you that they can make you a better executive, without a trusting environment, your goals can never be achieved. Jesse’s interpersonal skills set him apart from the rest and it’s why I have referred him numerous times to friends and colleagues. I credit Jesse for helping me advance in my career over the last 10 years.”



Our Breakthrough Success Plan provides invaluable solutions for businesses and individuals alike. This 9-week online program is a “Signature Branding, Leadership Development, and Opportunity Creation” system for business professionals.

FOR BUSINESSES: The Breakthrough Success Plan is a cost- and time-efficient way to uplevel the performance of your entire organization. It provides them the tools and support to become stronger leaders, learn effective communication, bring more value to your organization, and so much more. 

FOR INDIVIDUALS: Ready to learn how to lead and succeed as you move up in your career? The Breakthrough Success Plan will teach you how to crush your next promotion! You’ll learn the tools to stand out and stand strong with insights from years of experience with Jesse & Lisa Ferrell.


Janice Sheree Hunter

"The Breakthrough Success Plan has been a life changing course for me. After my mother passed away back in April 2012, I began to experience challenges in the way I take care of myself and my life. I lost my ability to manage money and lost my desire to even open the mail. Majoring in Psychology, one would think I would have spotted this change immediately and recognized it for what it was, grief at its highest form. From the very first module, this course began to wake things up in me. Going through this program allowed me to let go of guilt and pain so I could realize my strengths. It has helped me to create a positive mental attitude and get back into the game of life."