Pre-Event Questionnaire

This short pre-event questionnaire was designed with the intention of allowing Jesse Ferrell to customize a presentation to the specific wants, needs and concerns of your company or organization

Please make every effort to answer all of the questions that apply to your company or organization. You may elect to disregard any of the questions that may not apply to your group, if so please indicate N/A for your answer.

Your commitment to completing this pre-event questionnaire in a timely fashion will add significant value to the entire presentation and building of an inspiring story that sticks with participants.

As for the remaining questions, it may be easier to have a brief phone conversation when the time is right rather than typing up each line item.

    General Information

    Complete Company Name

    Alternate Name or Acronym

    Mailing Address

    Vision Statement

    Company Mission Statement

    Company Slogan or Event Theme

    Key Contacts

    Key Contact






    We use Macs with HDMI and display ports.

    Event Details


    Start Time

    End Time

    Speaking Details

    Start Time

    End Time

    Number of attendees

    Audience & Attendee Profile

    What is the demographic makeup of the audience?

    % of Male

    % of Female

    Age Range

    Occupation or Vocation

    Are there any frustrations they experience in their businesses or work? If yes, what
    are those frustrations?

    Are there any sensitive or controversial issues that should be avoided?

    What is the biggest challenge your team is facing current and future?

    Is there other relative information you would like to share, i.e. association jargon,

    Special Speaker Information

    What is the specific purpose of this meeting?

    What does Jesse need to do in order to make this talk a success for you and the

    If you could 'wave a magic wand' and correct one specific behavior, what would it be?

    Were those past speakers effective? If so, why and how?

    Special Points of Interest about your Organization and Attendees

    Recent Organizational Achievements

    Recent Challenges of Organization

    What is your speaker budget for this event?