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How to Be a Power Connector

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your best relationship connections?  Do you think of husbands or wives?  Think of the people you know who may provide the help needed in times of trouble and despair?

These few questions are intended to ignite your thinking about the power of your connections and your role in creating them.  Most of us spend more time planning a two-week vacation than planning our lives.

Do you realize that it is the nature of people you surround yourself with and the quality of those relationships that represent the true difference of having or not having sustainable value in your life?  


Judy Robinett has written a classic book she calls How to Be a Power Connector.   Judy expresses the value of creating your network of people who you seek to add value to their lives.   This is a fascinating book that you will not be able to put down once you start reading it.

I am the author of How You Leave Them Feeling and the main concept of my book is to help others understand how their actions, reactions or responses to people and circumstances largely make up the difference in the quality and value of those relationships and situations.

You are able to leave every situation better than you found it when you simply ask yourself, how does my action or response in this matter impact how I leave others feeling.  It is clearly about supporting the Judy Robinett value proposition.

This is the exact point where the premier point of Judy’s book and the pinnacle point of my book intersect.  It is though we were on the exact same wave pattern when we wrote our books.

Judy writes about creating an ecosystem of 5+50+100 contacts in order to live your highest quality of life.  She recommends adding value to your top 5 relationships once per week.  Reach out and connect with your top 50 relationships twice per month and your vital 100 once per month.

Please visit our website and click on the following link to connect to the free resource we created in order to help you get started creating your very own ecosystem!free-jesstalk-systems/c24d7.

You will find great value in taking us up on this offer to help you jump-start your life with this customized system we design to give you a special tool for pulling it all together.  Most people don’t have the time to build their own tools, systems and processes and that is where JessTalk & LisaListen come into play.  We enjoy building the tools systems and processes that make life easier for all of us!

Once you have chosen to take your relationship building goals to the next level your consistency in doing the work in the area will be the largest difference maker. You must have an easy active system to track your touches. 

Your touches represent the effort you put forth in touching those 5+50+100 contacts providing value with each and every touch.  It doesn’t matter whether it is an email, text, phone call, greeting card, face-to-face meeting or any other unique outreach.  As long as you are adding value with each touch, you are building what I call relationship equity with your 5+50+100 contacts.

Judy refers to your 5+50+100 contacts as your ecosystem and I will use both terms interchangeably throughout this writing.

When you set your intention on building relationship equity by adding value your genuine outreach will be received in the same manner that you intend it by most if not all of your 5+50+100 contacts.  Nearly everyone I know likes to be thought of and likes to receive value in their lives through recognition.  In fact this point is one of the central points in my book How You Leave Them Feeling.  You may consider adding this to your book reading list along with Judy Robinett’s book, it will work much like a companion book.  How You Leave Them Feeling will help you develop the best relationship with self and others like steps in a ladder!

You may think that you are able to keep track of your key relationships and contacts in your head.  Think again!  As I was building my 5+50+100 contacts over the course of about three weeks, each week I was completely shocked by the number of very key relationships that I had left off of my 5+50+100 contacts.

There were current clients and mentors that slipped my mind and did not make the last updated ecosystem development list.  I was perplexed going into the final week of development when extraordinary people of great importance just were not ‘top of mind’ at the time.  What is my point here?

You think that you will remember them all, but the truth of the matter is that you won’t!   You must develop your ecosystem In a clear definable and measureable system that allows you to refresh your memory of who you want to continue to grow your relationships with at a glance.  It is the only way most of you will ever be consistent in this incredibly important relationship development system.

You will also want to create an on deck listing.  This on deck listing is tantamount to the analogy of being on deck in a baseball game.  That means those people who are next to be considered to enroll into your 5+50+100 contacts.  You must consider the attrition factor.  People in your ecosystem will quit, die or need to be fired.

As you adjust your advancement of people in your on deck section of your 5+50+100 contacts you can easily roll the most qualified people up into your 5+50+100 lineup.  This will be very powerful for you as you enroll this process.

There are many highlights, insights and benefits of enrolling the philosophy of Judy Robinett and the goal of How to Be a Power Connector into your life not mentioned here and we recommend you pick up her book the moment you finish reading this blog and get started now!  You may also elect to listen to the radio broadcast interview of Judy Robinett on the Let’s JessTalk Radio program as she shared her dynamic character and relationship development wisdom with us.

LET’S JESSTALK RADIO with LISALISTEN featuring Judy Robinett

Please take a quick look at this short video featuring Judy Robinett.  You will be impressed!
You may also connect with Judy Robinett by going to her website at

There is no mistake that Judy is the real deal and the master of building sustainable connections housing great relationship equity contained with each and every touch!  Her brilliance transformed the way we do business at JessTalk and significantly upgraded the style in which we show up in the lives of others!  Her wisdom is simple and remarkable!

Should you choose to take on this challenge of following the advice of Judy, the woman they call the lady with the titanium rolodex? Would you like to live a life that you love?  Would you like to learn how to make the most powerful connections while building a high quality of life through your ecosystem?  It is clearly a matter of choice.  Judy has provided the blueprint that has shaped countless lives.  Why not have this incredible system reshape your life!

The quality of your life will never be the same in a very good way should you simply say yes and take this on!  What choice will you make now?