What Does an Inspirational Speaker Leave Behind After An Event?

You’ve been to that event. The crowd mingles, you eat the chicken kiev, you knock back a couple of cocktails and then you wait for the keynote speaker. Or maybe it was a workday event- the salad, the Diet Pepsi, the iPhones and calendars and planners. And the speaker.

The PowerPoint, the bullet point, the final point. What was the point? Seem familiar? We know that feeling. When it was all said and done, the only thing the speaker left behind was a bit of a headache and those handouts.

That’s not why you went. Worse yet, you were the one responsible for hiring that speaker who did nothing more than pass the time, take your money and bore your guests. While it is always necessary to look for what an inspirational speaker will bring to your event, it is often more important to look for what he will leave behind.

When your speaker leaves, he will make sure he has his iPhone, his notes and his plane ticket. If he is effective, he will make sure he leaves much more than that behind.

An inspirational speaker can come to your event or workplace and share his thoughts on self-awareness, motivation, realizing one’s full potential as well as many other topics. This is exactly what you wanted and you’re fully satisfied, right?

One of the main reasons why Jess receives consistent ratings of 9 and 10 on a net promoter rating scale after he speaks doesn’t have anything to do with what he brings. It has to do with what he leaves behind.

Does Jess Leave Behind Inspiration?

We receive a lot of response and feedback from people who have been to Jess’ speaking events. For example, Rob, in Vancouver, said this after listening to Jess speak, “The impact of his words have truly been powerful, inspiring and lasting. Thank you Jesse!”

Leaving behind a lasting impact – now that is exactly what a speaker wants to do. Jess really focuses in on relationship building, whether it’s at home, at work or throughout your life. When we learn to communicate effectively, we learn to change the things we accomplish. Communication means we can speak our truth, declare our needs and wants and share in an open, honest way so others know what we mean.

Communication also means we learn to actively listen. So often, we listen with one ear while we are busily preparing our response at the same time. This will always end with someone feeling misunderstood, frustrated and unimportant. Learning to actively listen, to respond only when the other person is finished talking and to really hear what has been said is a skill we all need to develop.

Jess uses a Color Code assessment that drills down into your personal communication style. It helps each person understand the strengths and weaknesses of their own style of communicating with others. When we know where we are strong and where we need to step up our game, it opens the doors to build positive, meaningful, joyful and sustainable relationships.

Inspiration Leads to Transformation

Audiences are left with the transforming insight and the powerful tools of insight they can put into practice to change the very dynamics of their relationships. Energy rises, generosity increases, inspiration for new ideas, new plans, new futures start to flow! Lives begin to improve, relationships thrive, companies prosper and things move into a much more powerful, enlightening path. Jess leaves behind a piece of his heart, a piece of his experience and a piece of his personal brand of inspiration in order to move your audience into the action they desire to live their lives on a brand new, energetic level.

Next time you plan your event, take into account not just what your speaker brings to the table, but what he leaves behind as well. Book Jess to talk at your next event. Leave them all wanting more!