What’s the REAL Reason You Need an Inspirational Speaker In 2017?

Many people hire a speaker for a beginning-of-the-year benefit or banquet. It’s common to choose an inspirational speaker who can get the crowd whipped up into a feel-good place so they pull out their wallets or dig into the cause. But that isn’t the most important reason to hire a professional inspirational speaker for your event.

Sure, you have goals to meet. Fundraising, drawing new members to your organization or even showing your gratitude to your volunteers are all important, necessary even. You bring in speakers to train and motivate your employees as well. It makes sense. People will rarely continue to give all they can give without getting a little motivational push now and again.

There’s More To Inspiration Than Motivation

Here’s the thing- in order to make your giant dreams become reality, you need more than motivation. You need to do more than simply spout out the same old “rah-rah” cheers everyone else is handing out. You need to make a real difference in people’s hearts for them to make a real difference in your organization.

Jess has a reputation for being a true inspirational speaker. When he steps on stage and does his thing, life changes deep in the hearts of the people who listen. What makes Jesse Ferrell different than so many other speakers?. Simple. Heart connection. Jess does more than simply deliver a canned speech over and over. He connects deeply into his own heart space and combines that with his mind filled with the wisdom born of experience and expertise. He shares it with every person in the room. The frosting on the cake is he brings expert knowledge and education to the game as well.

When Jesse speaks, the atmosphere lights up. The air comes alive with the powerful connection from his heart to yours. To get a flavor for what Jess brings to the very crowded world of personal and professional development, consider settling in for a read with his popular book, “How You Leave Them Feeling.” You’ll quickly see Jess has a talent for teaching people how to help themselves by helping others.

Jess really believes we create our own destinies. He transmits this powerful energy every time he approaches an audience. He deeply believes in helping others live the life they desire. When he shares, it takes about 30 seconds to feel the authenticity behind his words. Jess is known for his talent for inspiring his audiences to live to their fullest potential by giving their heart to improve the lives of others around them.

So Why Do You Need An Inspirational Speaker At Your Event?

You want more than momentary motivation. You want more than a crowd hyped up on emotion that settles down after a good night’s sleep. You want to bring in a truly renewing event to transform your employees, your donors, your volunteers- your people- into truly inspired individuals who do all they do from a true heart space. When you offer that type of change-making difference- you see change-making results.

Hire Jesse Ferrell NOW for your next speaking event. Do more than motivate the people in your audience. Give them the inspiration they need to become world changers.