Give the Gift of Inspiration This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again already and we know you might need a little inspiration…People are pushing through crowds, racing through schedules seeking to hit crazy deadlines, putting in extra hours and tearing their hair out. Happy Holidays! I don’t know about you, but every year the holiday season seems to create just a little more stress and chaos. Why not make a decision right now that this year is going to be different?

I’m not talking about your menu or how many holiday get-togethers you attend. Like most of us, you might need to do a little simplifying. After all, three kinds of rolls on the table might be more than you need and your second cousin’s aunt’s neighbor’s tree lighting costume party might be one you can pass on. Instead, why not focus this year on “What Matters Most”…what you can give that will make a real difference in the lives and places that matter most.

Hope. Inspiration. Great Energy. These are the gifts that truly do keep on giving. The things we all need more of. No wrong sizes or colors in this giving proposition. No chance it won’t be exactly perfect. No matter who you are, it’s safe to say we are living in uncertain times right now. And none of us like feeling that way. It affects our personal and professional lives and that affects our energy levels and ability to restore hope.

The greatest gift you can give to others is to tell them they are valued and wanted! The greatest boost you can give to your business or organization is to bring in inspiration on moving forward, bringing in joy, hope and elevating their game to keep growing, keep succeeding, keep excelling and most importantly, keep evolving!

It’s a great time to set up a training or a speaking event for the new year. Start 2017 off with the power and the energy you want the year to symbolize. When you hire Jesse to speak at your event or facilitate your training or seminar, you hire a lot more than his charisma. (and he’s got plenty of that to spare!)

What Makes Jesse Standout From Other Inspirational Speakers?

Jesse knows how to dig deep into the very heart of your company, by speaking directly to the individuals who make it happen. You aren’t hiring a smooth-talking entertainer who leaves a feel-good moment behind. Instead, Jess knows how to take mistrust, the poor communication, the fears, the doubts, the overwhelm that can bog down your business and redirect it into powerful, healing change with solution based thinking.

Face it, it’s not that hard to give a pep talk. It isn’t rocket science to pull together a seminar or a workshop to go over the top three ways to increase productivity. These things aren’t bad. In fact, they can definitely lift your spirits and your production…for a while.

What your business or organization needs is someone who isn’t afraid to speak to the issues that really drive people. To be that safe place to tell the truth and to reach way down into your “why” and pull that up to the surface and implement it in the form of real action.

Jesse Ferrell is real and he knows how to speak into the heart of very real issues stifling your communication lowering relationship equity and bogging your team and business down. The things that derail you and turn you into just another statistic while keeping you from winning the crown. Things like lack in your spirit. Things like the kind of exhaustion that comes from trying to be heard and pushing hard to be like all the rest of the world and burning out your unique personal signature and gifts or talents!

Things like loss of trust or hope, a need for a reason to give it another shot. Jesse knows your business has to be about a whole lot more than a paycheck to your leaders, staff, team or employees. It has to be about hope that tomorrow really will be a place we all want to live and work while bringing their best. It has to include a genuine plan to get there.

Others Talk About The Inspiration from JessTalk

Jesse has built a reputation for this powerful dynamic in his speaking style, as you can see from this article on, where he talks about success coming from a place of stillness and awakening, rather than simply striving to work harder.

If you’re ready to start 2017 off differently on your path to true success, set your plan in motion today. Don’t wait- book Jess now so you can start your new year with a new message and get back to the business of changing yourself, elevating your life and the lives of others while helping to transform our world!