Communication and Deception in the Workplace Part II of II

As we noted in Part I of this communication and deception in the workplace series, once we enter the fourth R we are toast!  Stick a fork in it, you are done…There are so many clues of deception that help us know and feel when someone is telling a lie.  

 Much like the famous hit show Lie To Me where Dr. Cal Lightman and his teams are experts at determining when others are being deceptive or telling a flat out lie.  Great show and much can be learned by watching this show about human nature and the anatomy of a lie.

As noted in part I all of your relationships are affected by the result of your downward life spiral.  Your friends may be avoiding you in an effort to stay clear of your stink-eye.  The stink-eye of resonating a ball of sewer sludge energy and your quality of life standard is below basement level standards.  

Does this horrible communication have you feeling like life isn’t worth living and what’s the point?   Many people who find themselves in matters like this feel guilty and their self-esteem bottoms out to match a disappearing bank account due to too many withdrawals and not enough deposits as a result of the termination caused by not securing right help and best tools in order to help navigate murky waters and turbulent work relationships.

For more concrete solution based thinking on how to manage challenging matters like this, please visit our White Page section on managing difficult bosses and coworkers.  In most cases, you spend more time at work than home in the awakening hours. When you are unhappy about unresolved work issues you are unhappy at home too.  Your home must become your sanctuary and bringing toxic matters like this into the home is dangerous.

You can’t stop thinking about the dysfunction, deceit, lies and lack of trust that it carries over into your full life.  It is hard to step out of the negative feelings and live in the now.  You stay stuck in the problem looking for answer out there all the while all of the best answers are in there.  Inside of you but you don’t know how to reveal them. You must seek help to reach the healthiest discovery in this regard.

Carrying this bad baggage is like transporting  hatred, disgust, fear, doubt, twisted emotions, and aggressive behavior around with you.  It makes you seek darkness and want to  cave in and crawl into a fetal position.  Your quality of life sucks and it’s a downward spiral.  Seek the best resources to help you get to the heart of the matter and learn how to navigate through to healthier communication.

What will you do differently as a result of reading this blog?