Is Your Disease to Please Depressing You? Part 2 of 3

Over Serving Will Bring on Unwanted Stress
As we continue our second phase of this series you may be asking yourself what’s wrong with wanting to please others.  Nothing…As long as you have a barometer of ‘enough is enough’ finesse applied to your desire to serve.  Giving is certainly a good thing, but always giving to others with no regard for self is unhealthy and welcomes self sabotage.

Does your disease to please bring on heavy depression for you?  Do you find yourself living your life to please others and rarely if ever asking yourself what pleases you?    As discussed in part I of this series, so many people live and ‘I’ focuses life perspective and are full of one main agenda…Getting what they want from you!  The fear of not being accepted can loom your being. 

Also, in part 1 of this 3 part series we asked the question “What Matters Most to you?” “ What is your WHY?”  In order to get in touch with what matters most to you, it is prudent to study your values you live and the roles you play in life.  You are looking for alignment here.  When you get that gut feeling that something is wrong or not enough of what matters most to you is right, you are no doubt out of alignment. 

So you ask, “what do I do about it?”…Well digressing to part 1 of this series the answer becomes clear.  You must take care and develop an appetite for eating the right life-diet.  The main ingredients of a healthy and balanced life-diet are mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and financial health balancing.  Take out the good dishes when you consume this meal.  Don’t hold them up in a fancy dining room hutch!   Stay tuned for part 3 of our series on “Is Your Disease To Please Depressing You?” in our next blog.

Most of the clients I serve through my inspirational speeches, leadership speeches and coaching programs want to win in life.  They typically lack the life training skills as most of us were never taught these skills.  Almost everyone I know comes from a dysfunctional family.  Do you come from a blended family, broken home or dysfunctional environment?  Welcome to the ‘we are in this together’ club, you are in the majority!

These toxic environments are the precursors to drug abuse, alcoholism, repetitive addictive behavior, even from the lives of people who want to win in life and have gained the trappings of ‘so called’ success.  What typically follows (or leads) are depression, loneliness, grief, abandonment issues and a fog of no way out.  We mentioned in our part 1 of this series, you are what you eat and we will add, you become what you think about most of the time! 

What do you think about most of the time?  What have you become?  Would you like to move from mediocrity to living life powerfully…living a life that you love?  How about building a life that is transformative! 

You will never regret taking the time to design the life you deserve to live…Most people spend more time planning a two week vacation than planning their own lives… 

Read more transformative thoughts in part 3 of the conclusion to this series.