Is Your Disease to Please Depressing You? Part 3 of 3

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Most of the clients I serve through my inspirational speeches, leadership and communication workshops and coaching programs want to win in life.   Many of those same clients have been stuck in the disease to please mode for far too long.  Does this sound like your life?

They typically lack the life training skills, as most of us were never taught these skills.  Almost everyone I know comes from a dysfunctional family.  Do you come from a blended family, broken home or dysfunctional environment?  Denial is not just a river in Egypt…Escape the sea of denial, join the reality club of life, you are in the majority!

These toxic environments are the energy thieves and precursors to drug abuse, alcoholism, repetitive addictive behavior, even from the lives of people who want to win in life and have gained the trappings of success.  What typically follows (or leads) are depression, loneliness, grief, and abandonment issues leading to that proverbial fork in the sand.  

We mentioned in our part 2 of this series, you are what you eat and we will add, you become what you think about most of the time!  What do you think about most of the time?  What have you become?  Would you like to move from mediocrity to playing the game of life full out?  How about building a life that is transformative and a life that you love!

You will never regret taking the time to design the life you deserve to live…Most people spend more time planning a two week vacation than planning their own lives…Make sure to surround yourself with the best people, books while treasuring life’s most memorable moments!  

You will live the life you deserve should you CHOOSE these simple universal life principles!  What choices will you make toward your Ph.D. in life…Your Personal Happiness Decision today?  It truly starts with CHOICE in the matter.  

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