Do You Fear Change? Part 1 of 4

Are you one of the 6.3 million people in the United States population who have a diagnosed phobia? This statistic is courtesy of the National Institute of Mental Health.  

What are you afraid of?  In our coaching and speaking programs we have spoken to tens of thousands of clients about their fears and their goals of building healthier relationships with themselves. 

The majority of people who harbor various fears can’t even express exactly what they are afraid of.  People nearly will themselves into fright!  Are you willing to face your fears and do something about it or will you sit amongst the 74% of the population who fear things like public speaking? How about the 68% of people who fear death?  These are two things that are inevitable.  

It is a fact that unless you have someone with at all times who can read your mind and translate to others what your wants and needs are.  You will have to speak in public from time to time.  It is also an absolute certainty that ‘what comes from the earth returns to the earth’!  

The simple secret is true for all of us, including you reading the blog at this time…you are not immortal and regardless of how it happens, old age, illness, natural accident, you are going to die.  So why worry about it if there is no way to prevent it from happening?  

Well as the statistic demonstrates, the majority of people choose to worry about it.  Let’s look at the core problem here, we are choosing to worry about happenings that we have absolutely no control over.  

National Institute of Mental Health Phobia Statistics
This is where our recovery begins.  We must get at the root of what is causing our terror and face it head on!  You will survive!  That is you will survive until it is your time of which you have nearly no control over.  The simple yet true fact is that most people are afraid of change.   Read Part II of III to learn more about fear and what you can do to change it from a psychological standpoint.