Do You Fear Change? Part 2 of 4

Apart from wanting to remain in their comfort zones there are many other psychological reasons that could cause fear of changesuch as the following:

1. Fear of failure typically leads the list of the most feared.   When we harbor the negative or dark circumstances of the past we invite long term suffering for the now!  When we bring along baggage or it’s evil twin garbage for a ride in life, we continue to relive the trauma on a daily basis. We develop a fear of change from this type of existence, as we fear the past will revisit us.

2. People who experience emotional turmoil quickly become victims of the past.  If your past is continue to be lived and played out today then what is your future?  Think about this for a moment before you read on…what is your future?   

3.  It is simple your future becomes your past as you continue to drag around the baggage and garbage of the past into your present.  Your future simply becomes your past, an existence that you in your heart of hearts don’t want to relive, but you do it anyway.  Why?

4. You do it because it is the devil that you don’t know!   More than 90% of the population would rather continue to suffer the misery, nervousness, insecurity, and fear of the events they know to be psychologically damaging, but they do it because the already know the outcome…. This means that 90% of the population pays interest on a debt they may never own and those thoughts s are useless and repetitive.

5. Stop playing the what if game!  What if I fail?  What if they find out?  What if it gets worse? What if…What if…What if?   STOP IT!  Your self-training in this regard will help you set new goals of freedom style thinking in motion!  When you change your thinking, you will change your life and your relationship with self will never be better…

6. Your secret agenda…Change your thinking…change your life!

Please read the part 3 of this series to learn how to change your thinking and change your life.