Do You Fear Change? Part 4 of 4

Overcoming fear of change is not a hard task you just need to force yourself to do the things that you are afraid of.   Choose accountability partners (Life Coaches, Great friends, Mentors) In order to help yourself get out of your comfort zone do things that you aren’t used to. 

If you are used to consuming standard American food then try Japanese food.  Change the places you go to or the tables you sit at or travel somewhere else to see a different culture.  I find that each time I’m exposed to a new environment I think differently.  My thoughts are fresh and regenerative.  It’s amazing… I shift my environments by going to the beach, the mountains, hikes, lakes, trains, planes, and quads!  You invite an electric and magical lifestyle when you push a secret agenda of living a happy life! 

Even if these changes were small still they will program your mind on a new way of thinking that allows you to accept change and seek transformation in what matters most to you!  Will you get on track today and take charge of your life by embracing new thoughts and new ways of being?  I have heard it said best… Don’t fear change, change fear!

What will you do today in order to recapture the best life has to offer you?  Will you read this blog and think, whatever…just another tired writer with nothing better to do with his life?  

How about joining the few, by getting in that very short life when one experiences a crossroads in life and choose to change your thinking in order to truly transform your life?