Great Leaders Inspire Action Part 1 of 4

Simon Sinek speaks brilliantly on how great leaders inspire action.  He speaks of how a profound change in how the world works and how he was going to live in it matters most.  Simon discovered that all the great leaders think and act in all the same way and it is the complete opposite to everyone else.  Simon proves that he has broken the code to what the greatest leaders of all times are driven by…Why!

Mr. Sinek calls this ‘why’ the golden circle The great leaders are driven by ‘why’       they do what they do and it is directly connected to their purpose…This explains why some organizations are able to inspire and others aren’t.

The most inspiring leaders move by thinking from the inside out…Apple Computers make beautifully designed products, intuitive, simple to use!  Apple does this by challenging the status quo and thinking differently.  Thinking with innovation.

JessTalk & LisaListen Speaking & Coaching Firm also believes in thinking differently!  We believe in challenging the status quo.  We believe in helping you feel differently about what you know and get in touch with what you know you are feeling!

We do this at JessTalk & LisaListen because we believe that your best life, both personally and professionally starts with getting in touch with you are feeling!  Getting in touch with what matters most.  We believe in this concept to such a degree that we actually wrote the book on how you leave the feeling…

Our speaking and success coaching programs have served domestic, international and local companies with this powerful message!  We have worked with company owners, presidents, vice presidents, directors and sales teams to shift the culture by our disruptive concepts that challenges the status quo and dares you to be different…By being different in a good and very innovative way. 

At JessTalk & LisaListen we have helped small businesses to big business in corporate America get onboard and discover new ways of igniting their team into positive and enthusiastic action! 

Please click the following link to view this excellent video from Simon Sinek who breaks this concept of ‘why’ and innovation down further.

Please check back for part two of four continuing blogs to gain further detail on this concept that help companies and businesses develop their best ‘why’ and adds value to their sales and marketing concepts, teams and bottom line!