Great Leaders Inspire Action Part 2 of 4

In part one of this series we highlighted the importance of developing your ‘why’.  Great leaders who are in touch with their ‘why’ is what inspires action and remains sustainable!  The other component to inspiring action is to understand how to determine what matters most.

Hyrum  W. Smith wrote a wonderful book entitled What Matters Most.  In this book Mr. Smith helps us understand how to get unstuck and figure out what matters most to us by evaluating our values and roles we are playing in our lives.

At JessTalk we have created a What Matters Most Portfolio that includes a 5 star rating system allowing you to determined whether your roles and values are in alignment.  We use this creative system in our coaching programs and we partner with our clients to help profile the roles that are healthy for them to continue playing and eliminate the roles that are unhealthy for them.    We do the same thing with the value section of this portfolio.

Once we check for alignment, we can select the top six words from their roles and values to start creating their personal mission statement.  This personal mission statement is the center of their ‘why’…Why they do what they choose to do and why they aren’t doing other things that have lower value to them.

Please see examples of a sample client What Matters Most Portfolio to gain insight into the types of roles and values held within this client.

Client Sample What Matters Most Portfolio – Roles

Client Sample What Matters Most Portfolio – Values

After reviewing the sample client What Matters Most Portfolio ask yourself where you stand in terms of alignment and your roles and values.  As you ponder where you stand, you are likely inspired to figure out how you are showing up in terms of personal alignment. 

Stay tuned for part three of this blog series where we will share more insights into what drives your governing values and why we end up playing roles that we shouldn’t.   We will also explore the weight and influence the roles we are playing have on the condition of our lives.