Who Wants to Learn to Master The Art of Relationships?

When we work with companies in an effort to help them improve the quality of their company culture, the most common challenge we find among them is maintaining respectful and proper communications.    Companies of all sizes often experience major communication breakdowns between management and staff, from department to department and among the staff themselves.  As communications breakdown, the professional relationships that are imperative in cultivating a successful culture deteriorate.

In almost every case where there is a communication and relationship breakdown, a silo exists.  People tend to work in silos and disregard the value of teamwork.  They forget that not one of a company’s departments is able to stand alone without the support and superior communication from other departments.  Does this sound familiar?  Is this challenge rushing through the veins a company that you either work with or have worked for in the past?  The top three problem areas that consistently haunt most companies are:

1.Communication (internal and external)
2.Relationship (understanding self and understanding others)
3.Value Misconceptions (underestimating the value of developing engaging conversation)

Are any or all of these challenges present in your company?  Have you spent sleepless nights stuck in hours of insomnia as you rack your brain thinking about how to resolve and improve your problem areas?

Companies often hire us to come in and help them restore or rebuild their company culture from top to bottom.  Whether companies enlist our services in terms of workshops, keynotes speaking engagements, coaching or training, we always start in the same place…the “Discovery Phase.”  We interview various personnel from the C-level-executive down to the line employees.  And then, we determine the most common misconceptions running rampant through your organization.

There are times when a company is in need of raising the relationship equity in a single department, and they find that a highly-customized workshop is just enough to restore the connections and return to a value-driven proposition.  Even when we may be delivering a single keynote or workshop, it often leads to developing a custom training program in order to maintain sustainable results.

When was the last time you or your staff participated in a high-quality workshop and continued using the tools, systems and processes recommended?  Much of the research in this area says that most people forget 80% of what they learned in just a few days following a good workshop or keynote.  After about one week, 90% – 98% of the information learned is not practiced or enrolled, thus forgotten.  These percentages dramatically improve when an accountable training program follows the workshop or keynote.

Our programs are custom designed to create the best opportunity for accelerated communication and relationship growth and are delivered in an edutainment style (educational and entertaining).  After delivering thousands of presentations, we have found that increased participant engagement will  boost sustainability and raise the likelihood of our workshop audiences enrolling in the shared and co-created intelligence following our program.

After obtaining your companies intelligence during our Discovery Phase, we move into our Strategic Phase.  During this phase, we facilitate the Color Code personality assessment. We highly recommend the enrollment of the Color Code personality assessment, as we know that bringing about clarity of one’s own character is a crucial starting point.

The best form of internal and external customer care experiences, as well as communication development, starts with self!  We live into and believe in the Color Code motto of when you “get” self…you “get” others.  This is the gateway to improving the communication process and offers sustainability of relationship development.

The Color Code personality profile will help you and your team understand why they do what they do.  It will help them “get” themselves first, in order to “get” others.  This strategy will allow for creating better and sustainable relationships, while helping our team learn to speak their language.  Mastering the art of relationships is well on its way during this stage.

The ultimate goal is for JessTalk to help companies develop high-performing teams while creating a movement whereby your team gains the insight of how to co-create a winning culture. We know that implementing these concepts will raise the level of leadership opportunity growth.

Your team will learn advanced communication skills and the ability to deliver a consistent WOW experience internally and externally! We help define what success looks like in terms of delivering excellent communication and superior customer care. And most importantly, we map out a plan to get there together…using a unique, experiential learning style.

Our G.R.A.S.P. (Getting Ready Attitude Signature Passion) The Connection and well-received R.E.A.C.H. (Responsibility, Engagement, Accountability, and Connection and How You Leave Them Feeling) Program are the cornerstones and blueprints for high-performing teams who desire to master the art of relationships.

Setting a strategy and implementing this communication and relationship program for your company to follow is simple, but not easy.  JessTalk uses some of the most effective tools, systems and processes in order to simplify the discovery, planning and execution of its programs.  However, no matter how good the tools, systems and processes are, there needs to be commitment from your team and their willingness to allow us to hold you and them accountable for the best results.

Our goal is to help you master the art of relationships by creating a dynamic company culture and a movement that becomes infectious whereby your team members are excited to get onboard.  We are also pushing for sustainability, so your movement grows and continues to serve both strategically chosen goals and desired results.

Some of the top desired results include, better communication, relationship dynamics, increased productivity from your team, transparent accountability, focused decision-making, problem solving and the power of language and well-defined priorities.   These programs will breakdown the walls of miscommunication and poor relationship management forever, blowing out the silos in your company.

What will you choose today in terms of developing a solid plan for mastering the art of relationships in your company?