Is Your Disease to Please Depressing You? Part 2 of 3

Over Serving Will Bring on Unwanted StressAs we continue our second phase of this series you may be asking yourself what’s wrong with wanting to please others.  Nothing…As long as you have a barometer of ‘enough is enough’ finesse applied to your desire to serve.  Giving is certainly a good thing, but always giving to others with no regard for … Read More

Is Your Disease to Please Depressing You? Part 1 of 3

Your Best Life Begins When You Set a Goal to Win Does your disease to please bring on depression for you?  Do you find yourself living your life to please others and rarely if ever asking yourself what pleases you?    So many people live and ‘I’ focused life perspective and are full of one main agenda…Getting what they want from … Read More

Do You Fear Change? Part 4 of 4

Overcoming fear of change is not a hard task you just need to force yourself to do the things that you are afraid of.   Choose accountability partners (Life Coaches, Great friends, Mentors) In order to help yourself get out of your comfort zone do things that you aren’t used to.  If you are used to consuming standard American food then try Japanese … Read More

Do You Fear Change? Part 3 of 4

A good friend and colleague of mine, Brian Tracy has written a wonderful book entitled Change Your Thinking Change Your Life…  If you are suffering from the ‘What if game’ and can’t figure our how to change your life…  Pick this book up and digest it as quickly as possible.  Use it at your ‘back to life’ bible…   Another roadblock to success comes … Read More