Managing Doubt and Fear in the Workplace

When was the last time you found relief in managing your growing doubt and fear in the workplace?  Many clients ask us to speak on this subject through our leadership and customer service speaking platforms.   The common reasons for doubt and fear in the workplace are generated from a surprising few reoccurring places. People have been reporting problems with bully … Read More

Communication and Deception in the Workplace Part II of II

As we noted in Part I of this communication and deception in the workplace series, once we enter the fourth R we are toast!  Stick a fork in it, you are done…There are so many clues of deception that help us know and feel when someone is telling a lie.    Much like the famous hit show Lie To Me where Dr. … Read More

Communication and Deception in the Workplace Part I of II

When was the last time you knew that you were being lied to for sure at work?   Was it by your boss or coworker?  You may be very surprised at just how common we are all being lied to at work and the destruction that occurs from this poor communication and relationship thief!  There are some amazing statistics that support … Read More

The Power of Work Life Balance

​We have lost the ‘life’ portion of the ‘living experience!’  Our quest for livelihood and knowledge is more robust than ever.   Whether you are working simply to put food on the table or working toward the next Vice President vacancy, the balance of life is a forever sizzling and shifting landscape. Do you ever get the feeling that you have … Read More