Do You Fear Change? Part 2 of 4

Apart from wanting to remain in their comfort zones there are many other psychological reasons that could cause fear of changesuch as the following: 1. Fear of failure typically leads the list of the most feared.   When we harbor the negative or dark circumstances of the past we invite long term suffering for the now!  When we bring along baggage or … Read More

Do You Fear Change? Part 1 of 4

Are you one of the 6.3 million people in the United States population who have a diagnosed phobia? This statistic is courtesy of the National Institute of Mental Health.   What are you afraid of?  In our coaching and speaking programs we have spoken to tens of thousands of clients about their fears and their goals of building healthier relationships with themselves.  The majority of people … Read More

The Value of Remembering and Speaking Someone’s Name

​How many times have you heard that old ‘tired expression’, I remember you, I never forget a face…but I can’t recall your name?  So many people use this line of garbage when making excuses for not remembering the names of others they have either recently met or had some type of connection long ago. You would be much better served … Read More

Are You an Expert?

Have you ever wondered if you are an expert?  Many of you reading this blog are in search of the best information, guidance, insight or other forward thinking initiative to improve yourself, help others or simply be enlightened.  We like to take our best thoughts from the best expert advice or services available.  So what qualifies someone as an expert?  … Read More

Managing Doubt and Fear in the Workplace

When was the last time you found relief in managing your growing doubt and fear in the workplace?  Many clients ask us to speak on this subject through our leadership and customer service speaking platforms.   The common reasons for doubt and fear in the workplace are generated from a surprising few reoccurring places. People have been reporting problems with bully … Read More

Communication and Deception in the Workplace Part II of II

As we noted in Part I of this communication and deception in the workplace series, once we enter the fourth R we are toast!  Stick a fork in it, you are done…There are so many clues of deception that help us know and feel when someone is telling a lie.    Much like the famous hit show Lie To Me where Dr. … Read More