Who Wants to Learn to Master The Art of Relationships?

When we work with companies in an effort to help them improve the quality of their company culture, the most common challenge we find among them is maintaining respectful and proper communications.    Companies of all sizes often experience major communication breakdowns between management and staff, from department to department and among the staff themselves.  As communications breakdown, the professional relationships … Read More

Are You Ready To Improve Your Life & Connections?

How to Be a Power Connector What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your best relationship connections?  Do you think of husbands or wives?  Think of the people you know who may provide the help needed in times of trouble and despair? These few questions are intended to ignite your thinking about the power … Read More

6 Key Elements All High-Performance Teams Must Have

Top 100 Leadership Development Speaker “Making the very complex…awesomely simple” John Spence is a professional speaker and Leadership Development Expert.  He is an amazing personality with a wide body of solid work!   John has many credits to his name, starting with these incredible five major awards highlighted below: Top 100 Business Thought Leader in AmericaTop 100 Small Business Influencer in AmericaTop … Read More

What Color Is Your Signature?

Leaving Your Signature Meets The Color Code Leaving your signature is an article I wrote and published a few years ago.  The Color Code is a brilliant personality test I most recently participated in.  There is a magical connection between leaving your signature and the best the Color Code has to offer regarding ‘getting yourself”!  In leaving your signature everywhere … Read More

Great Leaders Inspire Action Part 2 of 4

In part one of this series we highlighted the importance of developing your ‘why’.  Great leaders who are in touch with their ‘why’ is what inspires action and remains sustainable!  The other component to inspiring action is to understand how to determine what matters most. Hyrum  W. Smith wrote a wonderful book entitled What Matters Most.  In this book Mr. … Read More

Great Leaders Inspire Action Part 1 of 4

Simon Sinek speaks brilliantly on how great leaders inspire action.  He speaks of how a profound change in how the world works and how he was going to live in it matters most.  Simon discovered that all the great leaders think and act in all the same way and it is the complete opposite to everyone else.  Simon proves that … Read More

Hard Times Offer Growth and Serenity

I was recently speaking with nine members of our Jesstalk Conversations program and one of the participants expressed a major flurry of sadness, anger, defeat and anxiety over all the broken pieces of her life.  I share the following passage from a brilliant book called Today’s Gift, Daily Meditations for Families by Hazelden.  After sharing the following passage with her, … Read More

Is Your Disease to Please Depressing You? Part 3 of 3

Individual & Group Life Coaching Help You Live a Life You Love Most of the clients I serve through my inspirational speeches, leadership and communication workshops and coaching programs want to win in life.   Many of those same clients have been stuck in the disease to please mode for far too long.  Does this sound like your life? They typically … Read More

Is Your Disease to Please Depressing You? Part 2 of 3

Over Serving Will Bring on Unwanted StressAs we continue our second phase of this series you may be asking yourself what’s wrong with wanting to please others.  Nothing…As long as you have a barometer of ‘enough is enough’ finesse applied to your desire to serve.  Giving is certainly a good thing, but always giving to others with no regard for … Read More

Is Your Disease to Please Depressing You? Part 1 of 3

Your Best Life Begins When You Set a Goal to Win Does your disease to please bring on depression for you?  Do you find yourself living your life to please others and rarely if ever asking yourself what pleases you?    So many people live and ‘I’ focused life perspective and are full of one main agenda…Getting what they want from … Read More